Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BroadbandVideo, Inc Invited by Lt. Governor Garcia to Event - Video Praised

We were recently chosen to produce a series of interview videos for a well-known, State-funded agency dealing with prison inmate recidivism. We're not mentioning the name of this agency in this description so as to not distract any Search Engine direction. It was a privilege to shoot and edit this series of interviews from men who have used State-provided tools to change the course of their lives, as well as the power of their own convictions.

These videos are featured prominently on a website that was recently handed multiple accolades by Colorado Lt. Governor Garcia in a press conference held at the State Capitol. We were privileged to be present for this presentation as the video series was mentioned several times in the Lt. Governor's talk and many of the former inmates who participated in this series were present at the event.

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